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St. Lucia to Grenada - Day 2

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Why did we want to climb that mountain? Because it was there, of course. After spending our first night gazing upward 2,530 ft toward Gros Piton and 2,438 ft toward Petit Piton, we had no choice but to go ashore to climb and explore. We chose to hike Gros Piton, mainly because the trail is well traveled and can be climbed without ropes or mountaineering experience. You simply need pure grit, as John would prove to us later.

Petit Piton on the left, Gros Piton on the right. We anchored between the two.

We had two choices: we could take our dinghy to the base of Gros Piton and hike upward 600 ft to the welcome center where we would meet our guide, or we could take our dinghy to the town of Soufriere and taxi there. Anticipating a 5-6 hour straight up and down hike that would probably kick our collective butts, we chose to take a taxi.

And kick our butts it did. But we all made it!

Our guide showing us the steep upward climb

While waiting for our taxi back, I noticed a very old, barefooted coconut farmer lugging a bag full of coconuts up the hill toward us. I've had fresh coconut water before, I mean fresh right out of the coconut, and knowing it is the best thirst quencher out there, my mouth started watering. When he stopped for a break, he sold me one and proceeded to lop off the top with his huge machete so I could drink it right from the coconut.

Fresh coconut water from the local coconut farmer

After a cooling swim and more thirst quenchers back at the boat, we headed up the hill again for dinner at Ladera, a fabulous resort and restaurant overlooking the bay between the two pitons. We arrived in time to see the sunset from the terrace while sipping our fruity sunset rum punch that we so deserved after today's trek.

View from the terrace at Ladera

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