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Arrival in Bequia - Day 4

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Well stocked with Hairoun, the local beer, Very Strong Rum (seriously, that's the name of the local rum),

water and provisions, we left St. Vincent and sailed south toward the beautiful island of Bequia. If you are savvy enough to deal with the equatorial currents between St. Lucia and the down islands, I recommend going straight from St. Lucia to Bequia, skipping the anchorages of St. Vincent If you'd like to visit the island of St. Vincent and hike the volcano, make Bequia your home for a few days and take the ferry from Bequia to St Vincent to visit.

Bequia is one of my favorite islands, off the beaten path, unspoiled by cruise ships, yet lively enough to be entertaining. We dropped anchor at Princess Margaret Beach, as close as we could get to Jack's Beach Bar where we could swim to shore and pay for our afternoon rum punches and painkillers with our wet credit cards.

We swam back to the boat then headed out for a dinghy ride around Admiralty Bay, checking out the small colorful fishing boats being built on the beach in the shade of the palm trees. We tied up to the dinghy dock and wandered along the path that stretches along the shore, checking out the small hotels, restaurants, shops, and vendors selling the local fruits and veggies.

Local fishing and sail boats on Bequia

We meandered down the path and decided on Plantation for our dinner spot, where, based on the waiter's promise that I wouldn't get ciguatera, a toxin found in some larger carnivorous fish such as barracuda, I ordered and devoured the delicious barracuda. And lived to tell about it.

Nearly sinking the dinghy with the weight of happy hour drinks, dinner and more provisions, we headed back to our boat home where we spent the evening figuring out our itinerary for the rest of our trip. So many islands, so little time!!

Aerial view of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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