Imagine Captaining Your Own Boat

Imagine captaining your own charter boat, sailing and swimming the teal blue crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, or watching the sunset over the water as you sip your chilled beverage. Gulf Breeze Sailing offers sailing lessons in Pensacola Beach, FL that can help you live that dream. We have developed an intensive 4 day Caribbean Charter Class designed for two people with little or no sailing experience. If you are interested in learning how to charter a boat in the US or the British Virgin Islands or any of the other beautiful islands in the Caribbean, this class is for you.


Capt Linda has sailed extensively in the Caribbean.  She will prepare you by providing practical advice on planning your first sailboat charter experience. This class requires no tests and offers no certifications, but allows you to learn essential skills and gain experience on the water.  During the class, you will learn all the skills necessary to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable vacation experience.