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Attention Active Duty Military and Veterans!

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Sailors know that being on the water offers a peace that is rarely found elsewhere. The salt air and wind on your face is a natural stress reducer. I always say sailing "blows all the bad stuff away". These qualities make sailing a perfect opportunity for veterans, and Gulf Breeze Sailing has always offered a discount to veterans and active duty military.

Recently, the American Sailing Association (ASA) launched a program to get more veterans on the water, and for the next year they are encouraging participating schools to offer 10% off the Basic Keelboat Class and waive the certification fees. Well, ASA, we here at Gulf Breeze Sailing raise that and will offer a 15% discount to veterans and active duty military...forever!

So, please share this with your friends and family and let's honor those who have served/are serving our country.

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